Noleme FAQ

The what, why and who of Noleme.

What is Noleme?

Noleme Search is a search assistant in the form of a desktop and web application (mobile coming soon). It leverages artificial intelligence techniques to enable knowledge exploration and discovery. Noleme Search is part of the Noleme Project initiative which aims to be a constellation of tools designed to make knowledge more accessible and more valuable.
Noleme News is built on top of these foundations, and offers an alternative viewpoint on news consumption.

Why the Noleme Project?

The Noleme Project started as an experiment to explore the information found in emerging features of the web today. Noleme Search is the first result of our ongoing efforts. Whether it be in traditional media, social networks or even research literature, information overload is one of today's major challenges. We believe making better tools to help process this vast amount of information is instrumental in overcoming it.

Who are you?

We are a small team currently based in Paris (FR). Learn more in the About us section of this website.

Will Noleme Search remain free?

We strongly believe in the importance of access to information, and that core features of Noleme Search should remain accessible free of charge. We strive to financially support the Noleme Project without compromising this ideal nor relying on commercial practices that make use of our user's personal data.

Where do you get your data from?

One of the goals of the Noleme Project is to make Open Data readily usable for the widest audience possible. Noleme Search processes data most notably coming from Wikidata.

How can I help?

We are currently looking for constructive feedback, lots of it. To help us, you can use Noleme Search and give feedback through the "Give Feedback" feature of the app. Talk about it around you, share it with people that might be interested and if you have any question or just want to discuss anything Noleme you can come join us on Reddit and Twitter or even for a beer!

Contact us

If you would like to reach us, or find us on social media platforms, take your pick among these!