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What is Noleme Search?

Noleme Search provides a quick and easy way to search encyclopedic knowledge. You can download it as a macOs or Windows application, and accessibility is guaranteed on most desktop, tablet and smartphone platforms through the Noleme Search website.

Prompt: Europe
Search: Sandro Botticelli

Quick Search

Noleme Search can be invoked at any time and provides a fast access to learn more about any topic that's on your mind. The results are designed to show the defining traits of any given subject, while also providing additional context and closely related subjects. Exploration is encouraged by allowing fast navigation from one subject to another.

Deep Exploration

Explore knowledge in depth and gain a better understanding of the world we live in. The exploration feature is able to aggregate and sort large amounts of information, allowing you to see the big picture as well as discover minute details relevant to your interests.

Complex search: Seven Wonders of the Ancient World

Adaptive Views

Different subjects often require different approaches to displaying information, for that reason Noleme Search uses a flexible system capable of a diverse and effective portrayal of information. City landmarks, museum collections, detective movies from a certain time and place: Noleme Search can show you what's relevant about a topic and enrich your personal perspective.

Adaptive views

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Noleme Search is currently available both as a desktop and a web application, you can access it on any platform of your liking!

Latest release: 0.41.5

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