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Why Noleme News?

To help navigate the news

Everyday, we are submerged under massive amounts of information that we no longer have the time to sort and read. Our goal is to organize the news and give the reader an overview to help make sense of it all.

To help understand the news in depth

A good understanding of the news requires a good grasp of its context. We hope to help understand the complexity of current events by providing an easy way to explore information around them.

To promote quality content

News stories on the internet are often designed with ad agencies in mind instead of us readers, sometimes even pushing news editors to compromise on quality. In addition to not containing any ads, Noleme News aims to forge partnerships with news editors in order to reward quality content instead of just clicks.

Because reliable information is fundamental to a functioning society

Being unable to trust information results in an inability to form balanced opinions, to think, judge and act freely. By presenting several sources for each news story posted, we strive to make it easier to compare and contrast media coverage of current events in order to judge their relevance and objectivity.

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South Korea's leader vows final push for talks with North

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Tesla wants to keep secret its response in Autopilot probe

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Levels of climate-warming greenhouse gases in atmosphere reach record highs...

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Twitter suspends GOP Rep. Banks for misgendering trans health official

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Facebook dithered in curbing divisive user content in India

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Toyota testing hydrogen combustion engines in race cars

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'Succession' Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: "Mass In Time Of War"

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