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Noleme News feed

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Nolemë News shows media coverage for each story and links each important statement to several journalistic sources.

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Nolemë News analyzes each story, extracts their defining traits and provides contextual information taken directly from Nolemë Search so you can learn more about topics that you care about.

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Why Nolemë News?

The economic difficulties of the online press unfortunately tend to impact the availability of specialized, reliable and freely accessible news.

The reliance on advertising and social networks forces some publishers to adapt and sometimes compromise the quality of their content (excessive advertising or sponsored content, click-bait, polarising content to create buzz, etc.).

Le rachat par quelques grands groupes des éditeurs indépendants en difficulté, met à mal la diversité et la qualité des opinions dans la presse en ligne.

The takeover of independent publishers by a few large groups undermines the diversity and quality of opinions in the online press.

Nolemë News tries to offer a better news reading experience and to create a new monetization channel for journalists.

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